Bow Wow Talks His New Album, Fatherhood

Bow Wow Talks His New Album, Fatherhood

The rapper-slash-actor says his daughter “sparked” something in him.

Published September 7, 2011

In advance of the release of his next album, Underrated, Bow Wow sat down with The Urban Daily for a candid convo about his life and music. The Cash Money artist revealed who will appear on the album: “Game, Wayne, Stunna, Chris [Brown] and Boyz II Men (that record is crazy). I just got out the studio with Polow Da Don. I’m even working with the homie Justin Bieber and working with the homie Big Sean,” he said. “I feel like this album is definitely my best album. It’s more mature, more real and it’s the truth. It’s everything that everybody wants know. I’m just laying it down on the line.”

When asked why he choose Underrated for the album title, he was honest: “Well it’s how I feel. Me, I look at things and ask questions like ‘What will a XXL cover be like?’ I be seeing the cover with rappers that have never sold records or ever went gold in they entire careers; but have gotten like three covers and I’m looking like how the hell?! I sold 12 million albums went on six tours, sold out Madison Square Garden seven times, and how the hell I don’t get no XXL cover? Every time I reach out they always got something say on why. Are you basing it off skill? Cause I know some of these ni--as cant rap better than me, at the end of the day what are you basing it off? I don’t get that nod like I should get, but we gon’ get it this time even if we got to take it!”

He also shared that his daughter saved his life when he was in a bad place. “She definitely sparked a plug in me. I think before my daughter I was definitely doing this and that, out running around. I think that’s why people look at me differently now even my fam is like ‘wassup you don’t act the same.’ I got a little me here now. I got to make sure she good for the rest of her life. Everyday I wake up, I think it’s about her, other than that its about me working, trying to be the best rapper, best actor, best person I can be. I definitely had an attitude change, an attitude adjustment. I’m more serious now. Nobody stays the same forever.”

Underrated will be released on November 1, the same day as Wale’s Ambition.

Written by Kenrya Rankin


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