Ne-Yo, Clive Davis Receive Bizarre Death Threats

Ne-Yo, Clive Davis Receive Bizarre Death Threats

Man threatens to harm R&B singer if he’s not paid $800,000.

Published September 13, 2011

With a succession of hit records and accolades to his name, it's hard to imagine that anyone would hate Ne-Yo, but the R&B star has recently found himself the target of a string of disturbing death threats.

The FBI and federal prosecutors are charging a man by the name of Jeff Choi for menacing the singer and Sony employees. Sony Music Entertainment has received a restraining order against Choi, who reportedly threatened to "shoot people in the head" that work for the company unless he was paid $800,000, according to TMZ.

Sony says Choi has been harassing them for months, sending hundreds of threatening emails and making dozens of angry phone calls. He even showed up to the company's office once, but was escorted out of the building when his behavior got out of control.

At root of Choi's antagonistic antics is his belief that the company has been producing songs about him without his consent. Sony contacted the FBI after Choi mentioned Ne-Yo, its Chief Creative Officer Clive Davis and CFO Kevin Kelleher by name.

Last month he was detained and sent to a mental health facility where he is currently awaiting charges. Choi has been ordered by an L.A. County Superior court to remain at least 100 yards away from Davis and Kelleher at all times.


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Written by Reggie Ugwu


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