Ruff Ryders One of NYC's Biggest Debtors

Ruff Ryders One of NYC's Biggest Debtors

City official vows to crack down on the iconic Yonkers label.

Published September 19, 2011

Ruff Ryders has been listed as one of New York City's worst debtors.

According to NY Daily News, the Yonkers, New York-based label owes more than $1 million for plastering more than 3,400 illegal posters around the city.

Finance Commissioner David Frankel recently called out the label and several other "deadbeats" who owe the city big money, including alleged numbers kingpin “Spanish Raymond” Marquez ($1.6 million), Global Network Communications ($2.9 million) and businessman Raziel Ofer ($3.7 million). "We're going to come after you as hard as we possibly can," Frankel said of the offenders.

A lawyer for Ruff Ryders—which launched the careers of DMX, Eve and Swizz Beatz—had no comment.

(Photo: Courtesy Ruff Ryders Entertainment)

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