Kid Cudi Reluctant to do Musical Features

Kid Cudi Reluctant to do Musical Features

Says he's "not interested in being someone's look."

Published September 20, 2011

Don't expect to hear Kid Cudi making too many appearances on other artists' albums. In Complex's cover story for its October/November 2011 issue, the 27-year-old musician talks about writing while not under the influence, making the move from rapper to musician, and refusing to jump on every project that comes his way.

"I'm not interested in being someone's look," he says. "And that's what it is nowadays - a look. It's hard for me to charge people, because I do my stuff for free. I do all my stuff with Jay and Kanye on the house, because it's a brotherhood. On top of that, it's a committment when you do a song with somebody. Like, "We need a single, we need the video." And then - like I said in the last interview, being I don't f--k with most people musically - it's tough for me to want to bend and be a part of people's projects."

That said, Cudi is currently working on managing himself and only taking on work he's passionate about - including collaborations.

"It's easy 'cause I don't live the life of a celebrity," Cudi says. "My to-do list is limited to just two things. touring and studio. I record from home, so I don't need to set up studio time. I book my own shows directly with my agent. I don't do features with anyone, really. Other than Jay and Kanye, or if something cool comes along like the Knux thing. And those are things that I'm really enthused about."

Cudi is also working with rapper Wale despite sharing some beef with him in the past.

"Wale is the homie, and I like the record he wants me to get on. This is my redemption for those comments last year. I definitely want people to see that we can create music together." 

Written by by Dorkys Ramos


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