Fake Chris Brown Show in Vancouver: Fraud?

Fake Chris Brown Show in Vancouver: Fraud?

The singer's rep says a phony agent collected $25,000 for a nonexistent show.

Published September 28, 2011

Team Breezy isn't gonna like this one bit. Chris Brown's name was allegedly used by a phony agent to set up — and collect a $25,000 advance for — a fake show in Vancouver.

According to TMZ, Brown's legal team sent a cease-and-desist letter to EJ Media Group, accusing the company of fraudulently presenting itself as a booking agent in order to book a November 10 concert in Vancouver.

The show was announced to the public yesterday — prompting Breezy to tweet, "The Vancouver show is a FAKE!"

Brown's rep says they found out about the phony gig when Pacific Coliseum, the Vancouver venue, got in touch with them — and that the venue had already wired EJ Media Group a $25,000 fee to secure the show. Ouch.

Brown's cease and desist letter demands that EJ Media return the money, among other things.

But the plot thickens. EJ Media Group in New York City contacted TMZ to insist that it isn't involved in the fake show scam. A rep for the company pointed out that Brown's letter was sent to a Broadway address and that they're located on Fifth Avenue. In other words, the EJ Media Group that Brown is hitting up isn't them. The rep says that the company is currently trying to figure out if someone else is illegally using their name.

(Photo: Brian Killian/Getty Images)

Written by Alex Gale


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