ER Doc: Michael Jackson Was "Clinically Dead" When He Arrived at Hospital

ER Doc: Michael Jackson Was "Clinically Dead" When He Arrived at Hospital

More sad details as the Conrad Murray trial wraps its first week.

Published October 1, 2011

By the time Michael Jackson reached the emergency room, the world had already lost the King of Pop. The emergency room doctor who pronounced Michael Jackson dead testified Friday that the pop icon had "signs of a dying heart" when he arrived at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

"He was clinically dead," Dr. Richelle Cooper told the jury during the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray on Friday. "He did not have a pulse."

Murray told Dr. Cooper Jackson's cardiac arrest came after he gave him two doses of Lorazepam, a sedative, Cooper testified. Murray did not mention any other drugs at the time, including propofol, which the coroner ruled played a major role in Jackson's death.

The testimony is just one small part of many inconsistencies revealed by the week's testimony, during which the prosecution claimed Dr. Murray abandoned "all principles of medical care" and was responsible for the wrongful death of Jackson, while Murray countered that he did everything possible to revive the dying star.

CNN has complete details and videos of the week's testimony.

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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