Simon Cowell Denies Beyonce, Lady Gaga Diss

Simon Cowell Denies Beyonce, Lady Gaga Diss

Says he never intended to call the pop idols "boring."

Published October 1, 2011

Simon Cowell really stuck his Gucci-wrapped foot in his mouth last week when he said Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Katy Perry would be "boring" if they couldn't prance around television in bra-tops. But now, the X Factor judge is backtracking, saying his comments were "misreported."

A rep for the TV personality released the following statement to Radar Online:

“(His comment about the female pop stars) was completely misreported. It's the complete opposite in fact. Simon is a massive fan of both and he always refers to them as amongst the artists he most admires. He thinks they are two of the most interesting, talented and relevant artists today".

So, since he's not exactly denying his words (just claiming they were taken out of context), what exactly did Cowell mean when he used the word "boring" in connection to three of the top selling artists of the year?

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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