Soulja Boy Releases New Cover Art

Soulja Boy Releases New Cover Art

With his album due out soon SB gives fans a glimpse of the cover graphics.

Published October 1, 2011

With all that Soulja Boy has going on right now--from being banned from the military to starring in Juice to releasing a documentary on his life--it's surprising the rapper has time to record music. But somehow he makes it all work, and he'll be releasing Skate Boy in exactly a month from today.

The cover, which you can see here, is a manga-esque world with SB seemingly kick-flipping down a set of stairs. So does this mean Tell 'Em is working on his image? He's never really been part of the Lupe skateboarding alternative hip-hop scene, so where exactly do the extreme sports come into play?

Soulja Boy was an artist lucky enough to find fame very early in life. Perhaps he's reached an age where his interests are changing. Maybe this will mean some evolution in his music as well. We've only got to wait a month to find out.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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