Wu-Tang and D-Block Join Forces on New Album

Wu-Tang and D-Block Join Forces on New Album

The two groups come together on what should be another K.O. collabo

Published October 1, 2011

Wu-Tang and D-Block are two of the hardest-hitting and longest-lasting groups of the 90s and now the 2K's and, luckily for fans, they're banning together for their first collabo, "Wu-Block." XXL-mag.com caught up with some of the fellows recently and it seems they've been making music and hope to release the album in February 2012.

Sheek Louch, of D-Block, explains how the groups got together: "We did a tour together, me and Ghost. After that, we decided to come back [and make an album]. Ghost tours a lot, so it was me saying ‘Come back, we’ll record.’ I would say we’ve been going strong for four months. We actually want it to come out in February. Its hip-hop for real."

Sheek and Ghostface are the masterminds behind the venture, but as Sheek tells it, "We got everybody on that m*thafucka. Styles, Jada; we got everybody from RZA, to Rae to Meth, to my team.”

They reportedly already have eight tracks laid down and are hoping to record another nine, for a full 17 songs on the album. Check out one of their first songs released earlier this year for a glimpse into the raw New York sound. The only problem? We'll have to wait until February for the whole thing.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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