Lil Wayne Ponders Death, Steve Jobs, Sizzurp

Lil Wayne Ponders Death, Steve Jobs, Sizzurp

"What if I skate off my roof and just end it all?"

Published October 8, 2011

Lil Wayne in front of a camera—always a good thing. In a recently released 30-minute video clip titled “Public Service Announcement,” Weezy went off, talking Steve Jobs, his own legacy, his infamous Styrofoam cups and more.

Weezy, a renowned Apple fan boy, started the video discussing the legacy and impact of Steve Jobs, the recently deceased Apple co-founder. “I don’t know a person that hasn’t been influenced in some sort of way by this man," Weezy says. “We lost that man, and I think we lost him too soon, honestly a lot too soon ’cause I’m quite sure there’s a bunch of people who don’t know who I’m talking about. And that’s when you’ve lost someone too soon, when there’s people that don’t know the greatness of someone.”

He said Jobs' death made him think about his own death, and how he'll be remembered. "What if I skate off my roof and just end it all? Terence just bought me a new jet-ski—it goes like 85 miles per hour. What if I, not for nothing, Sean Kingston the f--k outta myself?" Weezy said. “I wonder if motherf--kers will really remember me for the innovator I am.”


Either way, Lil Tunechi is convinced that he's having a positive impact. “I’m making the world a better place." he said. "I’m making your son, your cousin, your niece, your nephew say, ‘I want a skateboard. I want to go outside and play.'”


During the candid video filmed at his Miami Mansion, Wayne also revealed that the content of those Styrofoam cups he was often seen with was Promethazine cough syrup, prescribed by his doctor: “I don’t do this to be cool. I did this because I was sick."

To check out the full video, in which Wayne also talks about his tattoos, his $1.8 million Bugatti and why he got into skating, click above.

Written by Alex Gale


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