Money B Talks Tupac Sex Tape

Money B Talks Tupac Sex Tape

The Digital Underground MC talks about his appearance in the infamous clip.

Published October 8, 2011

Money B of Digital Underground is the co-star of recently leaked footage from the Tupac Shakur sex tape, and he's not too shy to talk to about it.


TMZ recently caught up with the legendary MC and asked him about the already infamous clip, which shows Tupac getting orally serviced by a groupie while holding a drink and a blunt. At one point in the tape, Money B emerges, and Tupac puts his arm around him—without interrupting the action.


"I remember we used to do it back in the day, like, we used to kick it back in the day," Money B said when asked about the video. "I do remember doing a tape."


Money didn't seem at all shocked about the tape's emergence. "I knew eventally it would come out," he said. "I didn't know who had it, but I knew it was out there so I'm not surprised...I never knew who had it but hopefully we'll find out."


The former Digital Underground member was also asked if he planned to sue, as the Shakur family has threatened, if the tape goes public. "S--t, if I get some money," he said, laughing.


If there's a (small) silver lining to the tape surfacing, it's that fans get to hear an unreleased Tupac track playing in the background during the clip. But alas, unfortunately, Money B has no idea what the song is. "That was so long ago," he says.

Written by Alex Gale


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