Rick Ross Talks About Jay-Z and Lil Wayne Feud

Rick Ross Talks About Jay-Z and Lil Wayne Feud

He also names his favorite MCs.

Published October 9, 2011

In a recent interview with "106 & Park"/Hot 97's DJ Absolut, not only did Mayback Music Group founder Rick Ross list his favorite MCs in the game, but he also talked about hip-hop's latest feud between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne and why he refuses to get in the middle of the beef.

"I put no input in it really," he says. "Those are both of my homies, I'm fans of both of them, they're both super rich. I ain't trippin'. You know, I don't really get into the better emcee. It's just about accomplishing whatever it is you want to accomplish. You know what I'm saying? And both of those dudes are pretty [secure]. That's what my focus is right now. Just making sure I accomplish what I set out to accomplish as a team."

As for his top current rappers, he rattled off several MMG artists before listing the usual suspects.

"There's a lot of dope people making hot music. Of course, I'm on the road with Wayne. Drizzy's my homie. Everybody that's just popping," he says. "Shout out to little Wiz Khalifa, my little homie. Of course, Hov, 'Ye. I'm pretty much a fan of everyone who's bringing something new to the table."

Written by by Dorkys Ramos


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