Drake Discusses "Saturday Night Life" Performance

Drake Discusses "Saturday Night Life" Performance

The Toronto MC says he'll perform brand-new Nicki Minaj duet tonight.

Published October 15, 2011

Degrassi fans know—Jimmy's come a long way. Just two years ago, Drake was just another up-and-coming MC on the mixtape grind. But now, with a platinum album on his résumé and a second album on the way, the Toronto MC is set to perform at Saturday Night Live tonight.

"It's crazy places that rap music can take you and doors that can open up off of the things that we've worked on all these years," Drake told MTV News after rehearsals for the show on Thursday in New York. "It's so crazy being here today with the same band that I've been rolling with — all guys from Toronto. This is crazy, man, this is crazy. It's an honor for sure."

Drake says he'll perform songs from his November 15 album Take Care, including his just-leaked duet with Nicki Minaj, "Make Me Proud." He didn't reveal whether Nicki will join him onstage tonight, but he did say his show will be "larger-than-life."

"One thing that I do notice is not too many [SNL musical guests] bring atmosphere change, so I really pushed to change the station into something different and I think I did a great job of that," he said, referring to SNL's famous train-station-inspired set. "I just hope that visually and sonically, it's a superior performance."

Drake also said that he was looking to freshen up his acting chops on tonight's SNL—which will be hosted by actress Anna Faris—though nothing's confirmed as of press time. "I think that I'm gonna be involved in the actual skits," he said.

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