Teedra Moses Preps Maybach Music Group Debut

Teedra Moses Preps Maybach Music Group Debut

The R&B singer reveals what fans can expect in her new music.

Published October 21, 2011

Last week, the first lady of Maybach Music, Teedra Moses performed at S.O.B.'s in New York City. The New Orleans native has a dedicated fan base and she sells out shows every time she makes an appearance as her high energy stage show and prowess on stage illustrate her self-proclaimed moniker, the “young lioness.”


Moses came on the scene in 2004 with her debut album, Complex Simplicity on TVT Records. Then a labelmate of artists like, Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins, TVT wasn’t the best match for an R&B diva at the height of “crunk.” So when the label dissolved in 2008, Moses breathe easy and decided to take advantage of the growing platform of social media and through her website and MySpace, she released what would have been her sophomore LP as a mixtape. Since then, Moses has released more mixtapes, free for fans to download and toured based on those records. Each record, including her most recent, Luxurious Undergrind, with her latest single “Another Luvr” featuring MMG label mate Wale, has been a solid representation of Moses’ growth as a woman and an artist.


On where things stand currently in her career, Moses says, “I wasn't the kid, that was on some, "I wanna be a star when I grow up." I wasn't on that...Now, I feel like there should be more because I paid some dues.”


And that she has, touring, singing and writing songs for artists like Raphael Saddiq, Christina Milian and Mary J. Blige, Moses is primed for the big time. And now with the self-proclaimed “Bawse” of Miami, Rick Ross backing her, it seems there’s only a matter of time.


And just how did the petite singer get teamed up with Rozay and MMG? None other than Twitter. After spending a night out in Miami for her birthday, she came home and decided to go online. Moses recalls, “I never look at my DMs and this night I saw that Rick Ross DM'd me like days before.  He said, ‘Hey, I like your work are you signed to anyone? I'd love to talk to you.' I hit him back and said no I'm not signed but I'm working on a project. So we met up a few days later and Wale was there, Meek Mill and the vibe was just really cool. Eveyone there has a hunger to be good at what we do and we definitely have hunger to get that money.” Moses did name her first mixtape, Young Hustla, afterall.


She says she’s working on a full length studio album to follow-up Complex Simplicity but in the meantime, for those Teedra die-hards, (one dedicated fan at last week's show traveled cross country following her on tour), the best is yet to come. And for those who aren’t familiar with her work, check out teedramoses.org to download music and to see when she’ll be in your city.

(Photo: MMG/Warner Bros. Records)

Written by Norell Giancana


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