Bridget Kelly: She Will

Bridget Kelly: She Will

The R&B singer’s Every Girl EP introduces a strong female voice at Roc Nation.

Published October 21, 2011

It’s been an extraordinary year for Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label. With J. Cole enjoying a breakout year in 2011, Hov gearing up for the much anticipated Watch the Throne tour, and Jay Electronica getting ever so closer to putting out a body of work, it’s apparent that the Roc Boys are definitely in the building—and making their presence felt.


But sorry fellas, there’s a pretty little lady on the label that’s poised to crash this all-boys club. Roc Nation’s resident R&B chanteuse Bridget Kelly released the infectious EP Every Girl this week and it sent notice to music lovers that there is some certifiable girl power on the Roc.


At a private listening event in the posh offices of Roc Nation the sultry songstress tells her newest composition is comprised of unfiltered heartfelt songs that will serve as a proper introduction to those that only recognize her as the girl who fills in for Alicia Keys when Jay performs “Empire State of Mind” at shows.


“The EP is sort of the precursor, so it’s kind of the introduction,” Kelly explains. “I didn’t want it to sound weak or soft. We tailored and perfected it and took that time out to do it that’s why I’ve been kind of quiet and hiding [since coming off Jay’s Blueprint 3 tour] I really wanted it to be a certain way.”


Attention to detail, crisp production, deft writing and then some, is what she assures fans will enjoy about Every Girl. Enlisting the help of elite songwriters Ester Dean, Frank Ocean, The Dream and others the NYC native admits it took some time finding the right sound and direction for the project.


“A lot of what I wanted to do in the very beginning sort of changed,” Kelly admits. “So we went back to the drawing board. I wanted to do much more alternative rock music, so it kind of took a different course because I obliviously have a soulful voice so we couldn’t just do a straight rock album but at the same time I definitely wanted to make sure that whatever we did was aggressive and edgy and still really honest and raw.”


While a calculated deliberate approach to releasing albums seems to be a successful process for Roc Nation (follow the evolution of J.Cole’s chart topping debut Cole World: The Sideline Story) BK is set to pick up the pace and establish her presence in the game. With a recent BET Music Matters showcase under her belt the spunky singer will soon announce a glut of upcoming nationwide shows. And to see Kelly live, performing her rock and soul infused R&B will undoubtedly make you a believer.


Bridget Kelly’s still untitled debut album is scheduled for February 2012 release.  

Written by Dan Reagans


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