Lil Fizz Claims He's Not Owner of Illegal Marijuana Operation

Lil Fizz Claims He's Not Owner of Illegal Marijuana Operation

The former B2K singer says the authorities have the wrong guy.

Published October 21, 2011

Since the State of California filed suit against Lil Fizz for co-owning and operating an illegal marijuana dispensary in West Hollywood yesterday, Oct. 20, the former B2K singer has come out to claim no affiliation with the business in question.


According to TMZ, Fizz says he has nothing to do with the operation and claims that he got out of the ganja business in 2008.

As previously reported, Fizz is potentially on the hook for over $1 million, thanks to a punitive lawsuit from the State of California.

Apparently the store, named "Little Amsterdam," is being busted for operating in an area of Los Angeles that forbids such storefronts.

As an alleged co-owner of the dispensary, Lil Fizz is being called upon to shut down Little Amsterdam immediately, and then pay a fine of $2,500 for every day it's been open. Since the shop opened in July of last year, that totals $1,192,500.

In addition to the fines, prosecutors are reportedly trying to get the B2K singer to recoup law enforcement costs and attorney's fees racked up in the case — potentially another $750,000.

Although police are now searching for the real owners, Fizz is still named as the defendant in the case for the time being.

(Photo:  Chad Buchanan/Getty Images)

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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