Wiz Khalifa Releases 'Bait' Freestyle

Wiz Khalifa Releases 'Bait' Freestyle

The Pittsburgh MC tackles Wale's song.

Published October 24, 2011

Not one to rest on his laurels, Wiz Khalifa took Wale's Washington, D.C. favorite "Bait" into his own hands, titling his freestyle "Dessert."

"Purp purp purp, yeah you know I got that purp" Wiz rhymes over the Southern-cum-Go-Go track, which he released via Twitter. "I'm still prince of the city so approach me as your highness. Tattoos on my body, in my joint I got exotic and don't question all the n---as I got posted up behind me."

"That's that gang gang gang gang gang, yeah you know I rep that gang," Wiz continues. "Diamonds in my watch and I got cuban links up in my chain. OK, I'm balling like a hopping game but I got songs to do with Snoop today."

The "Black and Yellow" MC is currently on tour and was recently spotted on a Hawaiian beach with girlfriend, Amber Rose.

Written by Hillary Crosley


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