Yelawolf Calls Radioactive Eminem, Gangsta Boo Duet 'Unexpected'

Yelawolf Calls Radioactive Eminem, Gangsta Boo Duet 'Unexpected'

The MC gathers opposing forces on debut.

Published October 24, 2011

It's finally Yelawolf's turn to hog the spotlight. The Alabama MC, signed to Eminem's Shady Records, will release his debut major label album Radioactive on Tuesday (October 25) and recently introduced his "Hard White" video on "106 & Park."

"It was great to be on '106' with Rocsi and Terrence and I've watched people walk their videos and I've waited a long time to do that," Yelawolf told The Sermons Domain. "It felt great, tip-toeing into the mainstream."

But even as he reaches into pop's musical circle, the tattooed MC is sticking to his roots.

"It's important for me to be unexpected, Gangsta Boo came to the studio and we were digging through beats," Yelawolf explained of the as-yet-untitled track. "I wanted to create a juxtaposition with every aspect of it and having Gangsta Boo on the record made it bananas. Then I wanted to take it another step and get Marshall on it and he did it."

Though his album has barely hit shelves and it even features Eminem, fans are already wondering the status of his duet album with two southern artists.

"I'd love to do some records with B.o.B but dude is super busy, and now I'm busier too," Yelawolf said with a smile. "When Big K.R.I.T. and I were coming up with the concept, we weren't even on tour. We kind of let time slip by and we both got stupid busy. I still think it's going to happen, he and I work really quickly because he makes such crazy beats. He's inspiring to be around and it'll be worth the wait."

Written by Hillary Crosley


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