Common Calls 'Blue Sky' Video A 'Dream'

Common Calls 'Blue Sky' Video A 'Dream'

The MC delves into new video's theme.

Published October 26, 2011

After introducing his "Blue Sky" single last month, Common is giving fans a behind the scenes look at the song's video.

"When I think of 'Blue Sky,' the first thought that came to my mind was just hope and dreams," Common explained of his newest single from his next album The Dreamer/ The Believer.

Seated on a brown couch, the cardigan-sporting MC described what he hopes fans will take away from the video, which is currently in post-production.

"When I think about 'Blue Sky,' I think 'Man, it's about to be a good day,' " Common said. "It made me feel like fulfilling my dreams and going to get what I wanted. And that's the theme of the song, 'Yo, go get your dreams.' "

In the clip, there are several actors portraying different characters striving toward their dreams, including a dancer practicing in an empty studio. In another shot, Common lays dreamily on a bed while rapping to the camera.

"I'm telling my dream and how I'm going to get it," Common says of the song's lyrics. "I'm telling others to go get it."

"Blue Sky" is the second clip from the Chicago MC's forthcoming album The Dreamer/The Believer, the first was "Ghetto Dreams" featuring Nas.

Written by Hillary Crosley


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