Soulja Boy Announces Collaboration with Drake

Soulja Boy Announces Collaboration with Drake

The rapper also claims hip-hop artists are copying him.

Published October 30, 2011

In an interview with Billboard, rapper Soulja Boy revealed an upcoming collaboration with Drake and other popular rappers. He also claimed that hip-hop artists are copying his style and making it harder for him to get recognition. 

"Drizzy [Drake]. Me and Drizzy. We definitely going to drop something. Definitely Busta Rhymes, Lil B," Soulja Boy said. "I mean there's artists out there, but its like, s--t got dry in the last few years. N----s be trying to sound like me and s--t. I listen to a hit, its like 'Okay it's a hit, but it sounds like me.'"

"Every time I do something they copy it," he said about the competition. "I mean its cool, it makes me bigger and shit. But it's just like… Once you do so much copying, I can't do me then."

His last album, The DeAndre Way, failed to impress with a debut on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart at No. 18 and only dropping from there. His next album will drop in early 2012.

"I just want to find a way to make [music] better and be innovative. I'm confident. I'm very confident," Soulja Boy said. "If I got to be the Steve Jobs of [the] f----n' music industry then so be it."

Written by by Dorkys Ramos


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