Kid CuDi debuts Shia Lebeouf-led 'Maniac' Film

Kid CuDi debuts Shia Lebeouf-led 'Maniac' Film

The short follows two serial killers' exploits.

Published October 31, 2011

Kid CuDi and Shia LeBeouf's cinematic duet is finally here -- and it's bloody.

While the MC plays a happy weed head on HBO's "How To Make It In America," the film aptly titled "Maniac" after CuDi's record of the same name shows the rapper creating a Natural Born Killers-esque image.

Opening with a panning view of a snow-covered block, one house cnspicuously flickers with flames. As the camera continues down the street, CuDi and his friend, a white gentleman with a bit of a mop top hair cut played by Chris Palko, are walking away from the scene with gas cans.

In the next scene, the pair are eating at a diner and divulge, in French, that they better play up their debauchery for the cameras. Soon after, Palko stabs a woman in an empty park then kisses her dead body gently and elsewhere CuDi strangles a person in front of their teacup-sized mutt in an alley.

As the short rolls on, the two kill more victims in bedrooms, parked cars and drug stores. Once they've had their fun, the killers turn on the camera men, one of which is director LeBeouf, and shot them several times. As the screen goes white, LeBeouf is begging for his life on the ground.

"Maniac" is from CuDi's upcoming album WiZaRd, which is tentatively slated to hit shelves later this year.

Written by Hillary Crosley


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