Shanell Debuts New Single, Talks Bridget Kelly Drama

Shanell Debuts New Single, Talks Bridget Kelly Drama

The Young Money singer drops "So Good" featuring Drake and Lil Wayne.

Published November 3, 2011

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When Funkmaster Flex breaks a record, it's always a big deal. When he brings it back (plays it over from the start, for the unhip) you know for sure that it's a hot single. To the delight of Young Money Records singer/songwriter Shanell, the legendary New York DJ opened his Hot 97 show last night [November 2] with her latest single, "So Good," featuring YM affiliates Drake and Lil Wayne. Not surprising, Shanell could hardly contain her excitement.

"I was jumping up and down excited like a little kid," Shanell tells of learning that Flex broke the record. "I was happy. I really wish I could've been in New York and heard it on the radio. That was my dream, to be in the car or something and hear my song on the radio for the first time but the Internet changed up things a little bit. I was too excited."

The last time caught up with the Young Money princess, she was preparing for the second leg of the I Am Still Music tour, which wrapped up in early September. Now she's focusing on pushing her latest single and making sure people are giving her credit where credit is due.

Recently, a uncredited song that she had written and was planning on using for her upcoming album surfaced on Bridget Kelly's EP. Although careful to state that her beef is not with the Roc Nation artist, the singer-songwriter let her feelings on the situation be known.

"First off, let me say this, Bridget Kelly is another female artist, she does her thing and I don't have any beef with her," says Shanell. "It was the politics and the people that do business behind her that I had a problem with once I saw her EP with a song that I wrote on there that I was planning on using on my album. And then when I saw the song it had no information about who wrote or produced the record and I saw that for every other record on there so I was kind of hurt. Why not give me my credit at least? So we're cleaning all that up now, but I was just shocked that people on that side, like she's with a really well-known, good company. It's just a shock that they would've done business like that."

In the meantime, the Cool N Dre produced "So Good" is expected to be the first single off Shanell's upcoming still untitled album.

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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