Odd Future Cut From Festival Over Anti-Gay Content

Odd Future Cut From Festival Over Anti-Gay Content

The controversial group was axed from New Zealand's Big Day Out music fest for homophobic lyrics.

Published November 5, 2011

New Zealanders are not down with Odd Future. After a wave of complaints from citizens about OFWGKTA's anti-gay lyrics, organizers of the Big Day Out music festival were forced to pull the controversial rap collective from their lineup. 


As reported by NME, local activist Calum Bennachie laid out his concerns in a letter to Big Day Out's promoters: "Lyrics such as those played by Odd Future increase the societal discourse against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, a discourse that encourages bullying and violence. If it is acceptable to say something similar to 'gays are a cancer on society that deserves to be eliminated,' then what group would be next?"


He continued: "By allowing Odd Future to play at Big Day Out, you are proving that you have little concern for the lives and welfare of LGBT people, that you are willing to endanger their lives, and seek to encourage stigmatisation against them. I find this disappointing in an organisation that could do so much to enhance the self esteem of youth, reduce stigma, and discourage violence.''


Apparently, Bennachie's letter worked, and Odd Future has been yanked from the BDO lineup. However, promoter Ken West has said that he will be organizing a separate headline show for Odd Future to play in Auckland and confirmed that the removal does not affect the Australian leg of the festival. 


Written by Smriti Mundhra


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