DJ Premier: "I'd Love to Work With Justin Bieber"

DJ Premier: "I'd Love to Work With Justin Bieber"

The veteran producer insists he didn't shut out the pop star from the BET cyphers.

Published November 5, 2011

Justin Bieber may have been denied a spot in the cypher session at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards after allegedly requesting that Ludacris pen his lyrics, but now the pop star is being welcomed into the hip hop community by one of its finest ambassadors.


DJ Premier, initially thought to have been the one who vetoed Bieber's participation in the cypher, cleared up that rumor. “I’d love to work with him, just as long as he writes [the lyrics],” Premier jokingly told MTV News. “He’s gotta sit there in front of me and write it. I’d love to work with him and it would be dope.”


Primo goes on to explain his position. “At the cyphers, I said 'Yo, I’m down for him to spit it, but if somebody writes your rap, you can’t do it.' That was my only comment. Even though I said, ‘Write your own rhymes honey and all that’—I’ma jokester, I could do that and it wasn’t even a dis.”


“I was all for it, for him to be in the cypher,” he further clarified. “Just make sure you wrote your own verse. The cypher is the purest, most original form of our culture.”


Bieber was a bit briefer in his response. After dropping a freestyle over Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne single "Otis" this week, the 17-year-old tweeted the link to fans, writing, “let's be clear. i love hip hop and i write my own rhymes. hi haterz ;)”


Written by Smriti Mundhra


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