Lil Scrappy Out to Settle the Score with Rap Rivals

Lil Scrappy Out to Settle the Score with Rap Rivals

The ATL rapper claims hometown stars have sabotaged his career.

Published November 7, 2011

After having his promising career stunted by industry politics, Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy is back with a new album and new sound.  The Grustle, the long-delayed follow-up to his 2006 debut Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live and 2010’s Prince of the South 2, is set to hit the streets in early 2012 via a new independent deal. This time around, Scrappy tells that he has no intentions of holding anything back.


“The concept is just goin’ hard,” Scrappy asserts.  “Speaking my mind and not really givin’ a f--- ‘cause normally I be like, ‘I ain’t gon’ talk about that, I ain’t gon’ say his name.’ But on this one I just said what the f--- I wanna say.”


After label deals with Lil Jon, 50 Cent and Ludacris all went sour, Scrappy will team his G-Sup label with manager Kevin Clark’s S-Line imprint to release The Grustle through a joint venture with Bonzi Records.


“In today’s music we’re all independent,” says the ATL native of his new situation. “We in this ourselves.”


Scrappy’s newest song, “Helicopter” featuring fellow ATLien 2 Chainz and Bun B, was released on iTunes November 1 and will serve as the albums lead single.


In the mean time, Scrap will be releasing a new mixtape with DJ Scream in December. That will mark the introduction of his new sound.


“Everybody know me just for crunk,” says Scrap of his evolution. “I’m on everything now. People want me to be in that same place but I’m not in that same place anymore. I’m 27 years-old, I will not be jumpin’ on that crunk music. I’m into f-----’ with the women, I’m in to getting’ money.”


One artist that helped him find his new sound is Kandi Burruss, the former Xscape member and current cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She will be featured on the new album.


“I always worked with her even back in the day,” says Scrappy of his longtime friend. “I always reached out to all the O.G.’s in Atlanta and all the people who made Atlanta (into) Atlanta. She always comes through for me.”


With a new attitude and mission, Scrappy is gearing up for a second run. This time he doesn’t plan on letting anyone get in between him and his ultimate goal.


“I’m in this bitch, I ain’t goin’ nowhere,” Scrap proclaims.  “The people that’s in power now is hatin’ on a n----. The rappers that are in power. They don’t wanna see a n---- make it. Especially the Atlanta rap n----. I helped a lot of them muh-----… I’m not cut from the same cloth as these f----.”

(Photo: Courtesy Universal/Fontana)

Written by Calvin Stovall


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