Lil Wayne Vows to Stay Sober on Overseas Tour

Lil Wayne Vows to Stay Sober on Overseas Tour

The rapper, currently on probation, will be dry in South Africa.

Published November 7, 2011

Lil Wayne is taking his sobriety — or, at least, his probation — very seriously. The rapper, who claims to have been bone-dry since being put on three years' probation for drug possession, intends to keep it that way during a tour stop in South Africa. 


According to South African newspaper Times Live, his 50-member entourage will have first-class hotels and a fleet of luxury vehicles to keep them comfortable, but no champagne, Hennessy, tequila or cough syrup. Probation conditions prohibit the "How to Love" singer from consuming alcohol, or knowingly associating with people engaged in criminal activities or taking narcotics.


But, according to a recent interview with GQ, Weezy's sobriety is purely for the sake of law enforcement. Asked how it felt to be sober, he told the magazine: "I'm good, I'm used to it now. But I was never on heroin, cocaine or ecstasy ... I drank syrup and smoked a lotta weed. I wish I could be back on it."


One year, eight months and counting.



Written by Smriti Mundhra


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