T.I. Premieres New Video on 106 & Park

T.I. Premieres New Video on 106 & Park

"Southern trap music—that's what I got back to."

Published November 7, 2011

T.I.'s been out of prison for a few weeks, but he got a true homecoming last Friday, when the Livest Audience welcomed him back to 106 & Park. Tip premiered his new video, "I'm Flexin'," and discussed his new book and post-prison lessons.

"It feels like it's a lot of work to be done," T.I. said when host Rocsi asked him how it felt to be home. "I'm just staying busy, trying to just provide as many contributions I can to the game by way of remixes and features."

T.I. also said that his next album should be done soon: "I'm trying to have something as soon as February."

T.I. said he was moving beyond his 10-month prison sentence, and was focused on bettering himself. "It don't matter how long it take you to get it right [as] long as you get it right," he said. "15, 20 years from now, if I look back and we see that I move forward in a progressive manner, then these hiccups will be a far and distant memory. I dont wanna spend too much time focusing on such a small, insignificant part of my life. I'm beyond that. Even if everybody else ain't ready to move on, I am."

T.I. also discussed his new book, Power & Beauty, in stores now. "It's a fictional novel. It's about a couple teenagers thrust into a very adult situation after...tragedy strikes their home when their mother dies. How they handle that and how they used that to motivate them and push them forward. The decisions they make, the paths that life leads them down after that, that's really what the book is about," Tip explained.

But despite his growth in new directions (he also has a reality show in the works), T.I. said that his new video, "I'm Flexin'," produced by upstart Mississippi MC-beatmaker Big K.R.I.T., is classic Tip. "As promised...before I actually touched the pavement on this side of things, I told people I was going back to the roots of what everyone knew and grew to love about T.I.: basically just Southern trap music," Tip said. "That's what I got back to."

To check out T.I.'s full interview on 106 & Park, click above.


(Photo: John Ricard / BET)

Written by BET-Staff


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