Stalley Premieres New Video on 106 & Park

Stalley Premieres New Video on 106 & Park

The Maybach Music Group rapper is living large in new visuals.

Published November 8, 2011

(Photo: John Ricard/BET)

Since signing with Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group earlier this year, Ohio rapper Stalley has seen his lifestyle change drastically. As the new video for his song “Lincoln Way Nights (Shop Remix)” shows, luxury cars and bottles of champagne are now just an everyday reality for the humble small-town wordsmith. Tonight, Stalley debuted the lavish video (which features a verse from Ross) for the 106 & Park audience to promote the upcoming re-release of his critically acclaimed mixtape Lincoln Way Nights: Intelligent Trunk Muzik. The re-release, due in stores November 8, will feature re-mastered versions of the songs from his mixtape as well as five bonus tracks. The bearded MC spoke to about the new video, his plans to drop a new mixtape on Black Friday and why Ross is like a great basketball coach for him and the rest of the MMG roster. It looks like you were living the life of a boss in the new video. Is that what it’s really like hanging out with Ross and the MMG team?


Stalley: Yeah, if we not in the studio, that’s where we at. We just chilling, hanging out, eating, talking, building. You know, breaking bread. That’s how we get to know each other, not just as artists, but as people. So that’s fun. It’s fun kickin’ it with him and just hanging out. Just doing everyday things. He likes to just vibe out and just talk and build and really just test your mind.


Your label mate Wale’s new album Ambition is in stores, do you have a favorite track from the album?


I really like “Lotus Flower Bomb,” that song with Miguel. It’s a dope, dope hip hop song as far as just the beat and the hook and the rap. It’s a dope song.


You guys are all from different parts of the country. Do you and the other MMG artists keep in touch while you’re out there on your respective grinds?


We vibe, we text, we call each other. Everybody is cool. I really love those guys and I love to see what they’re doing. It’s something that I’ve watched. I like watching their careers and seeing them doing shows and putting out videos and everything. Like I stay in tune with what they’re doing. We always congratulate each other for our accomplishments. It’s family over there.


Have they given you any advice about how to win in this rap game?


Meek told me when I first signed with Ross, ‘Ain’t nowhere better to be but over here ‘cause Ross is gonna give you the platform and you basically do whatever you wanna do with it.’ You can determine. He sets you up in a position to go get that money or get what you want to get out of your music career. And that’s something that stuck with me from day one because all you ask for as an artist — or even if you look at it as playing sports. When you play sports, you like, ‘If coach give me that one opportunity I can show him what I can do.’ And that’s all you want, you just want that platform to be able to go out there and make history. And that’s what Ross has given us and I appreciate it.… And I’m running with it.

Written by Calvin Stovall


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