Cee-Lo Drops New 'Anyway' Single

Cee-Lo Drops New 'Anyway' Single

The frank track is co-written with Weezer's Rivers Cuomo.

Published November 9, 2011

Cee-Lo is nothing if not honest and in the Goodie Mob member's newest single "Anyway," he scrolls down a list of his imperfections. Fortunately, there's a women somewhere who doesn't mind his personal flaws.

The MC-singer-songwriter born Thomas Farranti has released a new track from what may be his fourth solo album following 2010's highly successful The Lady Killer.

"Anyway" is co-written by Wallpaper, an electronic group, and Rivers Cuomo, front man for the rock group Weezer.

"I know I'm stingy with my money and it's hard to get some from me but you still love me anyway," Cee-Lo sings over strolling drums and an electronic twinkle of keys on the clip leaked on the web.

"There's no one else like this that would put up with my sh--, and still love me anyway," he adds later.

Elsewhere, NBC's "The Voice," a talent show featuring Cee-Lo as a judge, will return on February 5, 2012, just after the SuperBowl.

Written by Hillary Crosley


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