Drake: "Wayne’s Done Way More for My Career Than Jay-Z"

Drake: "Wayne’s Done Way More for My Career Than Jay-Z"

The Toronto spitter takes sides in an interview with GQ.

Published November 12, 2011

Drake has done a pretty good job so far of maintaining neutrality in the long-simmering beef between two of his mentors, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z—even after Weezy went at Hov on “It’s Good,” which also features Drizzy himself.

But the Toronto rapper finally let his Young Money flag fly in a recent interview. "I’m just riding with Wayne, always," Drake says in the most recent issue of GQ. "I’ll never sit here and say that Wayne compromised me. I’m just doing what I got do. I’m a Cash Money soldier. That’s who I ride for... Wayne’s done way more for my career than Jay-Z. Wayne is the reason I’m here."

Drake points out that J. Cole, who's signed to Hov's Roc Nation imprint, would probably back up his "boss" as well, if it came down to it. "That's [Jay-Z's] artist. Cole's my brother, he's an artist I respect so much but I know he'd say the same thing," Drake said. "We've got bosses. We're just falling in line, doing what we got to do."

Drizzy doesn't think the beef between the two superstars was blown out of proportion."I think it was pretty clear-cut," he says. "I think anybody denying anything at this point is silly. And I've said that before for either of them to say, 'Oh, no man, I didn't mean it,' it's like, 'Yes you did, man.' But it's all good, it's what rap is about. It's a competitive business."

To check the rest of the interview, in which Drake also dishes on his ideal woman, his "Cosby sweaters" and critics who say he's overemotional, click here.

Written by BET-Staff


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