Lil Cease Says Heavy D was Biggie's 'Mentor'

Lil Cease Says Heavy D was Biggie's 'Mentor'

The pair planned to record a joint LP.

In memory of the late Heavy D, Lil Cease shared his memories on the overweight lover and his student, Notorious B.I.G.

“Hev was that mentor,” Cease explained to XXL's Shaheem Reid. “Hev would give him lessons on the type of records to make. ‘Don’t be afraid to go out your comfort zone. I know you’re known for ‘Gimme the Loot’ and ‘Ready to Die’ but don’t be afraid to make those other type of records too.’ He was letting him know, the ladies tend to like us big guys if we talking the right sh--."

Cease shared that the pair were even tossing around ideas for their own Watch The Throne, if you will.

"Him and Big was doing the records, they was trying to work on a project together," Cease said. "After Big took off, it was hard for them to set the schedule but Big always had ideas like 'You know what, me and Hev do something … two big guys.' "

According to Biggie's running mate, even Heavy D's fashion sense was a lesson for Christopher Wallace.

"Big took heed, so you can hear [Hev's] influence in 'One More Chance' and 'I'm F---ing You Tonight,' " Cease pointed out. "Even with the dress code, they both was big guys and couldn't find stuff to fit, they just had Big & Tall. But Hev would come out with some custom made leather sh--, so Big took those steps. He took that pipeline from Hev, because Hev was the one who opened the door."

Written by Hillary Crosley


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