Lupe Fiasco Talks Suicidal Thoughts

Lupe Fiasco Talks Suicidal Thoughts

The Chicago MC also discussed his Ferrari fetish.

Published November 14, 2011

Who knew it was so stressful making a No. 1 album? Lupe Fiasco sat down with Carson Daly last week and revealed that he had suicidal thoughts during the making of his chart-topping album Lasers.

"You are kind of by yourself at the end of the day," Lupe said. "There's nobody that feels or empathizes with you to the point where it takes that pressure off you. I felt really stressed out by the process [of making the record]. Like, suicide. There's a song called 'Beautiful Lasers' that's kind of dedicated to that and speaking on that, like, 'These are all the things that I went through to make this record. For me, this is life. My life is music."

To some extent Lupe blamed these hardships on that seemingly contradictory oxymoron: the music business. "It's very difficult," he said. "When I came into the music industry, I was a little bit more happy-go-lucky. You have something completely organic and wild, the creative side, meeting something completely inorganic—the music industry."


Lupe explained that at one point, due to his depression, the only thing motivating him to make music was money for his car collection: Despite his outspoken support for the Occupy Wall Street movement, the rapper revealed he has a Ferrari "collection." "I'm a one percent." he admitted.

Check out the rest of the interview, in which Lupe also discusses his late father's membership in the New Black Panthers.

Written by BET-Staff


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