Erick Sermon Speaks On Heart Attack

Erick Sermon Speaks On Heart Attack

The rapper was recording when he felt sharp pain in his chest.

Published November 15, 2011

Just days after suffering a mild heart attack, rapper/producer Erick Sermon called into Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning radio show to talk about his experience.


Sermon, one half of the late 80s' rap duo EPMD, said he was hospitalized this weekend after experiencing mild cardiac arrest. Luckily, the Green Eyed Bandit realized some early warning signs and went to the hospital to be checked out.


“I was downstairs on Wednesday night. I was making this record, and I was kinda excited about this song. The beat was kinda dope. I went upstairs and I sat on the sofa and I got two sharp pains on my left-hand side,” Sermon recalled. “So I said, maybe I’m sitting wrong so I positioned myself on the sofa. I sat there watching TV and then I started getting heart palpitations. Like if you work out, you get something like that, but I wasn’t doing nothing. They was just moving really fast.”


The following day the 42-year-old rapper/producer went to the hospital, where he was admitted for evaluation.


“When I got there, as soon as I hit the door, my whole left side cramped up on me or whatever it was. The heart palpitations were going really, really fast, and I started getting the pains again. They put me to the back to get a blood pressure reading, and it was 200/190, so I was almost like, I could have dropped it right there. I got into the back and they shot me with something inside the stomach.”


Listen to the full interview at Rap Radar.



Written by BET-Staff


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