Trina Preps New Album, Exploring Acting Career

Trina Preps New Album, Exploring Acting Career

“I’m going into a new phase…try new things.”

Published November 15, 2011

(Photo: John Ricard)

Miami rap vet Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell might have ruffled a few feathers last month when he chastised superstar rappers, in particular Lil Wayne and Diddy, for residing on South Beach, but not giving back enough to the community. Well fellow Miami rap great Trina shares a like sentiment when it comes to giving back to those in need.


“We have so many underprivileged kids that look up to us as role models,” Trina tells “I think it’s really important that we show them that we’ve worked real hard to get where we’re at, but that we give back and we really care.”


Keeping up with the spirit of giving back, Trina says she’s back in the studio working on her sixth album and fans can expect a whole new sound from the forthcoming project.


“The album is just really about the evolution of Trina,” says the Diamond Princes. “I’m going into a new phase. I want the challenge to be superior, I want it to be when you hear a record from the new album you almost don’t believe that it’s really me because I’ve done something that I haven’t done before.”


While there’s no set date for the untitled project the Queen of Miami is keeping busy and establishing her entrepreneurial side. Her new fragrance Pink Diamond Couture and lipstick brand Neon Rockstar is set to hit stores just in time for the holiday season.


Coming off a guest appearance on VH1’s La La’s Full Court Life, the Miami native says fans should be on the lookout for more television and movies rolls.


“I got the chance to work on a movie this past summer, it was a small roll but it was nice,” Trina says. “I performed live and got a couple of lines. I’m really excited about it. I just want to see where it takes me and try new things and see all the doors that are open for me and be able to build my brand and my empire.”


Written by Dan Reagans


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