Mac Miller Tops Billboard Charts

Mac Miller Tops Billboard Charts

Blue Slide Park is the first indie album to debut at No. 1 in 16 years.

Published November 16, 2011

 ( Photo: Chaz Niell/Picturegroup)

Mac Miller just made a big splash with his debut album Blue Slide Park, which climbed to the top of the Billboard charts in its first week. At 144,487 copies sold, Blue Slide Park is the first independent album to debut at number one in 16 years.

Released by the Pittsburgh-based indie Rostrum Records, Blue Slide Park was particularly successful among the digital set, with 76 percent of sales coming from online retailers. Mac Miller, a 19-year-old from Pennsylvania, built a strong online fanbase with viral music videos and college-friendly party-rap anthems.

Elsewhere on the charts, Wale's Ambition slides to number 15, with 41,000 additional units sold and a cumulative total of 205,000. Pusha T's solo street album Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray enters the charts at number 60, with 8,900 copies sold.

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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