Exclusive: Heavy D's Brother Speaks Out

Exclusive: Heavy D's Brother Speaks Out

Floyd Myers talks to BET.com about his life and legacy.

Published November 18, 2011

Between a public memorial service for hundreds of fans and a moving funeral attended by luminaries from the music industry, it has been an emotional week for the family of Heavy D, who passed away suddenly on November 8. Hev's brother and business partner Floyd Myers sat down with BET.com in his Mount Vernon home to talk about his brother's legacy, and how those closest to him are coping with the loss of the rap great.

"We've been consoling each other," Myers said of Heavy's family and close friends. "There's millions of stories. Everybody has a story, 'remember that time?' He was such a good dude."

Despite their tragic loss, Hev's family has chosen to focus on celebrating the late rapper's life. "God aligned the stars, he took him when he was ready," he said. "He left at the top of his game. He just finished the BET Awards, he rocked that show. The buzz was definitely alive and poppin'. I just think that God was ready for him."

Still, the shock of losing his younger brother so suddenly remains. Myers recalled the day he got the tragic news. "My mom called me in a panic," he recounted painfully. "She was on the phone with the hospital. Initially she said you're brother's very sick. She was talking to the doctors on the other line, and then she told me he passed."

"I went into a state of shock for the first twenty four hours," he says. "It was like a bad dream. I just tried to pray to God, saying this can't be true."

Now, Floyd and the rest of Heavy's family, including the rapper's young daughter Xea, will have to find a way to live without his daily presence.


"I don't know what life is without him. When you've talked to someone every single day for your whole life...I don't know what that's gonna be like," said Myers.

Myers has no doubt that the way his brother lived his life will eventually override the tragedy of his death.

"His being such a good dude, a positive guy, a loveable guy...that's what sealed his legacy."

For more on Heavy's last performance, the reaction from his home country Jamaica and stories from his early days, watch the full video.

Written by Evelyn Diaz with reporting by Tony Anderson


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