Nicki Minaj Makes Outrageous Request for AMA Performance

Nicki Minaj Makes Outrageous Request for AMA Performance

The rapper allegedly insisting on a racy prop for her show.

Published November 21, 2011

Sounds like it takes more than whips and chains to excite Nicki Minaj. Page Six reports that the rapper has made some unusual requests for her performance at the American Music Awards, and producers are battling with her over her demands.


Not only did Minaj insist that pint-sized YouTube sensations Sophia Grace, Brownlee and Rosie — the children who made a splash rapping to Minaj’s hits on the Ellen DeGeneres Show — be flown in to perform with her onstage, greatly increasing the budget for the show, but she’s asked for some decidedly not G-Rated props as well.


Sources say an “electro-themed” set would include an “electric vibrating prop” between Minaj’s legs. “The producers are fighting it out with her,” a source tells Page Six. “They don’t want kids dancing to a song with that. She won’t back down.”


Nicki’s people didn’t respond, but an ABC rep said, “All I know is the girls are working the red carpet. Other than that, I suggest you tune in Sunday night.”

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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