Trey Songz Looking for an "Open Relationship"

Trey Songz Looking for an "Open Relationship"

The crooner also reveals his celebrity crush.

Published December 3, 2011

Trey Songz could have just about any woman he wants ... so why would he settle for just one? The sexy singer recently talked to about his ideal kind of relationship — an open one:

"We’ll talk about it and if that’s something she’s open to then I might be open to it. If she’s not, then we’re not doing it. It’s all about who you fall in love with. When I settle down and meet that one, I don’t even think that’s a conversation I could have about what her and [my] understanding would be. That’s based on who she is and what she’s with. We’re about to do everything together, baby."

One woman Trey could see himself committing to, he says, is Halle Berry. "She’s still the only person I see and get, like, nervous, jittery and smile hella hard and goofy. That’s my number one, and I think Rihanna is amazing."

Before all the single ladies go on touching up their lipstick, be warned that Trey may still be in player mode. "[Am I searching to be in love? No, not right at this moment!" he confesses. And can you blame him? But the singer does admit true love is something he's on the lookout for ... eventually. "I think that is a missing part of who I am right now," he says.

Well, Trey, with Halle and RiRi both being single, maybe it's time to make that move!

(Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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