Marcus Manchild at the Forefront of a Houston Resurgence

Marcus Manchild at the Forefront of a Houston Resurgence

The energetic MC is among the new wave of rappers repping H-Town.

Published December 21, 2011

(Photo: Courtesy of Marcus Manchild)

Marcus Manchild is the creme-de-la-creme of the latest crop of rising rap stars in Houston. However, despite the success of his Preseason mixtape series and his affiliation with the AMG (Authintik Musik Group) camp that brought us fellow H-town rapper Killa Kyleon, the 22-year-old rapper might still be Houston’s best kept secret. Well, at least that was true all the way up until he hit the road with Curren$y, Smoke Dza and Big K.R.I.T. for the Smoker’s Club tour this past fall. spoke with the H-Town rep about the tour, going head-to-head with notoriously stoic crowds in New York and that one time he wreaked havoc on a KFC while on the road. So for the folks that missed the Smoker’s Club tour, what’s your show like?  

Marcus Manchild: A bunch of energy. Because I'm from the South a lot of people expect me to be coming all slow but most of the time it's a lot of energy, a lot of me trying to interact with the crowd. It's just me basically trying to show off what I have to offer.

What types of music influence you?

I listen to people from all around the country but I still listen to the people I grew up on. Like the people down South. But that's what I kind of did, just took a little of what people were doing in other cities and put it all in one.

But mostly a lot of Southern music?

It is mostly from the South. Like what people are listening to now from the city, because it's not just me it's a lot of people that's coming up differently than what people would expect from a Houston sound or, which we still give respect to all the people who went on and before us and all the OG's in that era of music but…we take that Southern swag and put it with what we grew up looking at or listening to.

How was it taking that Southern swag to venues on the East Coast, especially New York? They say it’s hard for new faces from the South to really rock NY shows.  

Actually New York was live. They actually gave love. They were actually rockin'. I think the toughest place we done been so far is probably like St. Louis, like the Midwest. They were kind of just a little tough but I mean the whole East Coast rocked out, it was amazing. I didn't even expect it just because I heard so much about the East Coast and how they don't really respect like, any kind of artist coming from the South you gotta prove it so by me even coming out my first time at the Best Buy Theater I was like 'Wow! Y'all actually showing love.’ Even at the end, everything. That was actually a blessing. It's just that when we got to that Midwest, that St. Louis, it was just a stiff crowd. They still showed love but it was still just a little more stiffer than my other shows.

You remember what happened to K.R.I.T. last year on his visit to New York?

That's crazy because I actually heard…somebody on tour actually told me that. Like it wasn't the last one it was like right before that. They said he got booed. That's actually what kind of made me nervous. I can't lie and say I wasn't nervous. But they showed love but I can't believe they booed him!

Houston’s hip hop scene feels like its heating up again, trying recreate that buzz from 2005. Who are some of your favorite up-and-coming artists in your hometown?
It's a lot of people. Kirko Bangz, LE$, Delorean. It's a bunch of people that's out there that's just doing they thing so. It's just a whole lot of new faces coming. A lot of young people. You know everybody's used to the norm but it's a lot of young people.

So what are you working on next?

Right now we still pushing Preseason 2 hard. Like very, very hard but I wanted to come out with another mixtape, just from the tour just to really give everybody insight on a lot of stuff that was going on. So we probably just gonna come out with that which is still going to go back to Preseason 2 though. So it's just like something to keep pumping up Preseason 2. We'll give them something that I was doing on the road and everything that we was going through so it's probably going to be called like Free Your Mind Music or something. We don't know yet, haven't came up with the name but we will be dropping something very, very soon.

OK. For those out there who aren’t as familiar with your music, can you give me three essential songs.

I got one with Big K.R.I.T. and Travis Porter called "A Million." That's really going stupid right now. I got another one called "We Wrong" that's on Preseason 2. I got another one "We at it Again," "Smoke One" and--just tell them the whole Preseason 2.

I heard you like tore up a KFC or something like that on the road? Is that just people talking or did that really happen?

Yeah! We went in there and raised hell. Naw you know we was playing around so you know. It was the Smoker's Club so you gotta have fun. We not the type of people, we are not at all serious all the time. So if you get high and all of that, it's not reason for you to get high and sit. I don't think so. There's no point of it so we just have fun. We stopped somewhere to get something to eat and felt they needed a show and gave them one.

Well, did they appreciate the show or did they kick you out?

Naw they didn't kick us out. They was actually just shocked like "Huh, what just happened? Did they really just do that?" And we actually like pre-gamed too you know, when you like before you go on stage and did all that and went crazy. They was just like "Oh my gosh what the hell just came through here." It was cool though. We didn't harm anybody. is your #1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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