Common Discusses Drake “Beef”

Common Discusses Drake “Beef”

Common stands by his “Sweet” ad libs.

Published December 29, 2011

Common seems to be getting a bit tired of talking about his latest song, “Sweet,” in which he calls out rappers for singing on tracks and generally being “sweet.” But he addressed it again in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid earlier yesterday, after the host said Big Sean told him he was “shocked” that Com went in on Drake.

“I made the song "Sweet" and it’s a hip hop song. I’m really talking ’bout just cats that are sweet in hip hop. You know n---a that’s out there that may have a softer side on they rap side,” Common explained. And I done done love songs myself, so it ain't like it’s about love songs, it’s just the way n---as appear to be soft. I was just standing up for hip hop, man. A lot of people took it like, ‘Awww man, this is Drake.’ So, I guess he felt a way about it, too. And I kinda talked about it so much already. I mean, if people know I really was just doing a hip hop song, and if you fit in that category, than so be it. If you felt offended by it, then so be it.”

When asked if he’s spoken to Drake, he said: “Yeah, naw, we ain’t talk to each other. Man, I feel like, this is hip hop, man. We cool, I’m good. I’m just — I’m an emcee. On that level, I’m good.… For me man, it’s times in hip hop when I just get up and say what I got to say and express myself. And I think everybody should be able to. That’s what the art is about. You gotta say what you feel, man, speak your mind. That’s all I’m doing. I’m just putting out good music, I just want to put out great music. Man, I had a sample that said “You look so sweet,” so what’s sweet to me? Some n---as out there that’s soft. If you listen to the song, it’s really me talking about how good I am as an emcee. But then on the choruses, on the breaks, I’m doing ad libs, talking a lot of s--t.”

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Written by Kenrya Rankin


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