Freddie Gibbs on CTE vs. Maybach Music Group: “We Can Take It There”

Freddie Gibbs on CTE vs. Maybach Music Group: “We Can Take It There”

Gangsta Gibbs talks to about Young Jeezy’s beef with Rick Ross, President Obama’s love for The Snowman and more.

Published May 7, 2012

Although neither side is naming names, it’s pretty clear that there’s some bad blood between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. The two rappers have thrown lyrical jabs at one another since August 2010, when Jeezy rapped over Ross’ “B.M.F.” instrumental. Rozay’s most recent subliminal verse came this past January on the title track of his critically acclaimed mixtape Rich Forever. The Miami MC delivered the cutting lines, “Your s--t pushed back because it ain’t buzzing/now these thug actors all of a sudden/n----s hustle backwards all of a sudden/can’t talk snow where the soft at/your man got murked, but you squashed that.”

Whether either party owns up to it or not, fans on both sides of the fence are listening closely for the next veiled dig and from what CTE-signee Freddie Gibbs told during a recent overseas trip, they might be in for another round on his upcoming DJ Drama-hosted Baby Face Killa: Gangsta Grillz mixtape. We all know that the Gary, Indiana rapper isn’t one to bite his tongue, so sat down with Gangsta Gibbs to find out how he felt about the drama, the rise of the Maybach Music Group empire and the political connection between Jeezy and President Barack Obama. Do you feel like you’re in the middle of the Young Jeezy and Rick Ross battle?

Freddie Gibbs: In the middle of what? I’m just trying to make music... Ain’t nobody gone diss us though. If somebody diss us, then we gone diss them back. It ain’t about no back and forth. It’s a respect thing. You know rap is a competitive sport so if they want to make it competitive we can really make it competitive. We can take it there.

Do you feel like Ross’ “Rich Forever” verse was aimed at Young Jeezy?

I don’t really know. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was just some metaphorical s--t but public opinion... a lot of people think it is. If people didn’t think that that was the case then you wouldn’t ask me that question. So obviously he did something to sway the public’s opinion in that direction and obviously he don’t give a f--k so, Jeezy don’t give a f--k. If I thought somebody took a shot at me or something like that I’d get on the phone and get that square with that n---a but if I don’t give a f--k what people think, and I don’t give a f--k about that n---a then I’ma let the story stay out there how it is. So that’s why I just make sure that I’m pure and precise with my words so motherf-----s know what I mean. If he throw subliminal s--t and motherf-----s take it that way, be prepared for the repercussions.

Maybach Music Group just held a press conference in New York and announced some relevant news. How do you feel about MMG? Like how do you feel about Meek Mill? His music?

Yeah, I like some songs he make.  

What about Wale? Do you listen to his music?

Yeah I like some of his songs, too. [Starts singing Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb”] That’s my s--t. I love that s--t. He’s like, I don’t know he’s like Q-Tip or some s--t. He one of them n----s in that kind of lane, you know. That’s cool, though. That’s cool s--t.

You’re taking a very political approach to this, so let’s segue to that arena. Did you see President Obama give a shout out to Young Jeezy recently?

Hell yeah. That s--t was cold. We on the map. CTE. Corporate Thuggin’ baby. That’s crazy, that just lets you know the impact that Jeezy has even on the President and demographics of different people he affect that listen to music. Even Michelle was like "Yeah." That was kind of dope.

And that’s interesting because during the election, around the time that Jeezy released “My President,” it seemed like the president had to kind of distance himself from rappers in general...

You gotta understand, a n---s in a position like that, you gotta kind of walk a thin line, even saying that right there was a stretch. You know white people like "What the f--k?," you know they looked up Young Jeezy and said, "Wait a minute, he talking about a cocaine dealer.’ So you know they already want to use every little thing they can against him, a man in his position, but he got this s--t won. Who the f--k else gone be the president? Mitt Romney? America don’t want Mitt Romney.

I guess we’ll count that as your endorsement for Obama. You have the mixtape coming at the end of the month; you said you feel like this is going to be your best project thus far.

I think it’s going to be the best Gangsta Grillz since like Trap or Die because I think everything I’m doing, it’s super aggressive. It’s probably the most aggressive s--t that I wrote and I want to go in that direction for a reason. The game is soft right now. I just got to take it to another level. I feel that motherf-----s is being too nice to each other. Everybody in the rap game is buddy buddy. It’s too many f----n' collabs with eight, ten n----s on it and s--t. It’s time for someone to come in and disturb the peace. N----s being too nice to these ratchet a-- h--s on these records. N----s have changed that h-- that 2pac and Nate Dogg was talking about? "Every other city we go." They marrying that b----h now and tattooing they name so they know it’s real. I ain’t with that.

And you have the album coming, Neck Tie Party. What’s that title about?

A neck tie party is a lynching. I’m not hanging black people, I’m talking about it like how we get socially lynched and not just black people but Latinos all kinds of people who are affected by sentencing and things of that nature. Its guys that’s doing time over here in America that should’ve been home, so they could restructure their lives. We do much more destruction than we do constructive and we fuck a lot of niggas lives up like, I went to Europe and a motherf-----r that killed 75 people and the biggest sentence that he could get is 22 years. That’s not saying that that’s a justifiable sentence but you have guys over here that have felonies for drugs and they have life. We don’t rehabilitate.

So you’re going in on the socially conscious tip now?

I ain’t Michael Eric Dyson or anything like that but I think that people in my demographic might have went to school or didn’t even graduate high school, so I might shed some light on some s--t. A n---a over here, you don’t know what you are. You’re a disenfranchised black man. When I went to Europe people were asking me "Where are you from?" I’m like America, Gary, Indiana. They’re like no "What are you? What’s your nationality? Are you West African, East African?" And I’m like "Damn, I don’t know. I can’t begin to tell you." Simple liberties like that have just been stripped and black people just going along with it every day like it doesn’t really matter, but stuff like that matters.  

What else are you working on?

I have an album with Madlib that I’m about to finish up. I’m just flexing my versatility. It’s a whole album with like soul samples and all that. It’s going to be like two different projects. Like this Gangsta Grillz is going to be like that hard-hitting s--t and this Mad Lib s--t is going to be heavy samples and more boom bap than Gangsta Grillz and the album Neck Tie Party will probably be a culmination of all that. is your #1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.


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Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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