Gunplay Defends His Rap Name


Gunplay Defends His Rap Name

The Miami rapper compares himself to ODB.

Published November 16, 2012

Like C-Murder before him, Gunplay doesn't have a rap name that's likely to do him any favors in a courtroom. And, given his recent troubles with an armed robbery charge, you'd think the Florida rapper might have some misgivings about his decidedly un-PC moniker. In a recent interview on the Combat Jack Show, however, Gunplay said he remains confident in his identity and has no plans to change it in an effort to appease certain segments of the audience.

"I don't make music for [white America]. But trust me, man, if they want it, they gonna get it," he said. "Once they get used to me and knowing who I am and my character, if I say fart-fart, s--t-s--t, f--k-f--k, piss-piss on a record, they're going to like it because they're into the Gunplay character. I'm talking about white America, not your real hardcore fans, but your white America."

Gunplay compared himself to the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, citing his example of being an original character and letting the audience come to you.

"Once you're hot, you're hot. Then they gravitate to you like ODB," he said. "He was a wild n---a, he got hot, [whites] loved him still. He ain't sit there and put on tight jeans, he ain't start singing on a record to get in white America, and white America loved him. He was himself, he did him and I'm doing me."

The Maybach Music Group rapper, who is currently under house arrest after turning himself in last month, could face up to life in prison for his armed robbery case.

In a separate interview yesterday with Hip Hop Wired, Gunplay weighed in on Saigon's recent comment that he'd like to punch MMG boss Rick Ross in the face for having a negative influence on children.

"I dare you to do that s--t," he said in the interview. "To each his own, if that's how he feel… try to punch him in the face."

Gunplay questioned Saigon's decision to call out Rick Ross and 2 Chainz specifically, both of whom he cited as primary offenders.

"Why you goin' in on Ross? Go in on everybody else," he said. "You just singling out two people ‘cause they the hottest n----s in the game right now. Why you singling them out? Everybody has kids, what makes yours so special?" is your #1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.


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(Photo: Chris McKay/Getty Images for BET)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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