RBN Brings Battle Rap to the Forefront

RBN Brings Battle Rap to the Forefront

Freestyle rappers and enthusiasts have a new platform.

Published June 25, 2013

Ever wonder what it would be like to relive the last scene in 8 Mile, only with new opponents and fresh punch lines each time? Thanks to the launch of the Rap Battle Network one of the first YouTube paid channels that wish is now a reality.

Urban lifestyle network Alchemy Networks launched the Rap Battle Network ("RBN") to give hip hop fans a virtual front row seat to watch as some of the hottest up-and-coming wordsmiths from all over the globe go toe-to-toe in lyrical combat.

RBN will be exclusively available to YouTube subscribers and, in addition to first-class battles, will also offer exclusive interviews, videos and celebrity alignments. For the hip hop purists this is an inside track to find out who's coming up both in the U.S. and abroad.

Alchemy Networks is already home to over 40 YouTube channels, averaging more than 9 million views a month, and boasting over 1 million subscribers, but as the network's Head of Development Anthony Maddox notes, they are looking for the Rap Battle Network to take them to an even higher echelon.

"Rap Battle Network has emerged as the new underground for hip hop and RBN will be one of the major filters to help build the genre into a global proponent of hip hop," stated Maddox.

Subscribers will pay $2.99 per month or $24.99 for the year. Go to www.rapbattlenetwork.com for subscription information.

(Photo: Courtesy YouTube)

Written by Jacob Rohn


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