Azealia Banks Talks Racism, Obamacare

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Talks Racism, Obamacare

Harlem rapper debates origins of "Black culture."

Published October 2, 2013

Azealia Banks is back at it on Twitter, and this time she's talking racism and politics. Banks isn't coy with her opinions and shared a bunch Twitter thoughts regarding Obamacare and a hypothesis on the origin of "Black American culture" Tuesday (Oct. 1).

The "212" rapper started by retweeting articles that are against Obamacare, and one passage in particular, outlining its benefits. From there, she launched into her version of a Black history lesson after Instagramming what appears to be a lunchbox featuring a black doll with big eyes and red lips, seemingly inspired by the depictions of African-Americans during the post-Jim Crow era. "This is mad racist but mad cute," Banks wrote. "I bought it. I'm wearing it as a purse…Whatever."

The backlash must have inspired her to think about race relations. "Black people love making fun of other races but say racism when people make fun of us... Becoming an adult is interesting," she started. "Like black American culture is ESSENTIALLY some adapted version of British culture, Because American culture is bastardized English culture.

"So white people reappropriating black culture isn't really reappropriating... When black culture is already appropriated white get it?"

People didn't exactly "get it" apparently. One tweeter hit back asking if she was "on something" and another called the Harlem-bred rapper uneducated, adding "It's not your fault."

Undeterred, Banks carried on by correlating her views on race with hip hop. "Say slavery never happened in America…Do you think Hip-Hop would still exist? I think Hip-Hop and urban culture, Slang, etc are all the black man's response to America at large….His 'do what he can with what he has.'"

There was even a nod to Miley Cyrus, and possibly former rival Iggy Azalea, both of whom have been criticized for staking a claim in the newly-rebirthed twerking craze. Banks doesn't think that's fair. "So strange…Santigold can sing indi rock songs and no one accuses her of wanting to be white..but white women twerking is the new evil.

"Why is Black culture such an exclusive club??? …I'm asking myself this question as well. Im' guilty of this," she added.  

Twitter rants may be taking away from Banks allure. The 22-year-old cut her set at Australia's Sydney Music Festival short last Saturday (Sept. 28), after the audience members threw beer cans on stage. is your #1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.   

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 (Photo: Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Ferragamo)

Written by Latifah Muhammad


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