Stalley Makes Another Movie Run With Machete Kills


Stalley Makes Another Movie Run With Machete Kills

MMG rapper explains how his beard provides inspiration.

Published October 11, 2013

Stalley is taking a page from early West Coast hip hop, when Hollywood would be the go-to avenue for getting new artists major recognition.

The Ohio-raised, MMG-signed MC revealed to that, in addition to having a song included on the soudtrack for The Wolverine, he has a new MTK-produced song called "Debt" that's enhancing the scenery of Machete Kills, a new "Mex-ploitation" movie starring Michelle Rodriguez and Danny Trejo and with a guest appearance by Lady Gaga.

Stalley also insists that — despite all of that Hollywood glamour — he drew inspiration for the music from more everyday things, like his beard.

"I didn't get to see the trailer for either movie," Stalley told "The motivation for the Wolverine song came from me growing up and being a fan of the comic book character. I identified with Wolverine's toughness, his beard and his invicibility.

"With Machete, I drew from the first movie, which I had seen ... and [from] the character being an assassin. So I just put that into the music lyrically, but still had fun with it since the movie is also satirical."

The BET Music Matters artist's claims are all the more believable because his debut EP, released just last month, is called Honest Cowboy.

Click here for a BET exclusive look at Machete Kills.

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