Deniro Farrar Talks New Deal With Vice

Deniro Farrar

Deniro Farrar Talks New Deal With Vice

"Cult rap" rapper signs deal, wants to open 24-hour daycare.

Published October 15, 2013

In recent years mainstream hip hop has broadened its emotional identity, but many of the fans feel it's lost it's ability to speak to and for the streets. North Carolna MC Deniro Farrar is bringing that reality rap back, and with a deal on Vice Records (also the home of Action Bronson), the well-built, raspy voiced rapper looks to make sure the world hears his story.

Still a newcomer, the cult rap rapper already has a following and a handful of artistic, yet gritty videos making a splash on YouTube. It's only a matter of time before Deniro Farrar becomes a household name.

Taking a minute to chop it up with about his new deal, he details his vision beyond music and why he feels the game needs him now more than ever.

Even before the deal you had a serious following. What made Vice choose you and you choose Vice?
They understood my vision, they understood where I was going. They weren't trying to make me make any type of music I didn't want to. Everything was organic, when I came in they just basically took a liking to what I already had going on. They didn't want me to change it so that's definitely a good fit for me and I'd already been a fan of Vice for the longest.

When are you planning to put out your first release and who are you working with on it?

2014. We're working on BSBD [Blue Sky Black Death] II , we're gonna have Young Guru mix the whole thing. It's gonna be beautiful, man. But really I'm just looking forward to working with all the producers I've been working with. I'm not really interested in working with anybody new as of right now.

You bring that Pac type of reality in your music. Do you feel like hip hop has lost its edge?
[Laughs] Hip hop's lost all of that. It's just about swagger and drugs. That's what everybody rap about, swag and drugs, molly and weed and syrup and that's all, you know what I'm saying? And how many women they done, and how much money they got, and how many cars they got. But what people fail to realize is that no matter how rich you are, there's always somebody in the world struggling. That's one thing I'll never forget. Even though when I get the money I'm no longer gonna be living in poverty, but I gotta think, there's still gonna be people living in poverty. I'm still gonna have family living in poverty. I'm not gonna be able to help everybody so I'm still gonna be able to relate to the struggle 'cause that's what I come from. Just because you gettin' money doesn't mean you ain't struggling no more.

With rap as a platform, you're becoming a public figure. What, if anything, do you want to do besides music?
I wanna open up a few 24-hour daycare centers. So many people wanna go out and do stuff and can't find anybody to babysit their kids. A lot of people don't have places for their kids to go while they're at work. Being a rapper is just something that's gonna get me in the door and create an opportunity for my family. I have a lot of talented family members, my sister, my mom, they're really good cooks, so I wanna open a few upscale soul food restaurants. I have a brother, he's really good with yard maintenance, so I'm thinking of opening up a lawn care service — things of that nature. I've got a couple of homeboys that's really into fashion, so I wanna open up clothing boutiques, just giving people opportunity. It's bigger than me. I'm no longer thinking on that small scale, I'm thinking for others.

Something that people may not know about from your music?

Well, I can't say my intelligence because my music is intelligent music. I mean really my music is my life. I mean, I don't smoke or drink but I say that in my music, my music is really so personal. I done went as far as telling muthaf----s I caught 2 STDs behind f----n' with these b-----s, so it aint' nothin' that I haven't said. I'm an open book.

Deniro Farrar is currently on the road as part of the CMJ tour. Catch him in the following cities.

Oct. 15 - SOBs (New York, NY)
Oct. 16 - Santos (New York, NY)
Oct. 23 - The One Stop (Asheville, NC)
Nov. 16 - TBA (Toronto, Canada)
Nov. 17 - The Fillmore (Charlotte, NC)

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(Photo: Vice/Warner Bros Records)

Written by Jake Rohn


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