Kanye West Clarifies Controversial Statements on Jews

Kanye West

Kanye West Clarifies Controversial Statements on Jews

"It was an ignorant compliment," Yeezy says.

Published December 20, 2013

Kanye West's statements about Jewish people having better "connections" than black people during a radio interview last month was an "ignorant compliment," he now admits. West came under fire by the Anti-Defamation League for his words, and was urged not to apologize by Louis Farrakhan, but the Chicago native is at least clearing up his original comments.

"I think that it was kind of like an ignorant compliment," West told the B96.3's Stylz & Roman show. "I don't know how being told that you have money is like an insult. That would be like if somebody complimented black guys and said, 'All black guys got big penises.' And then you don't want to be the black guy who raises his hand and says like, 'That's not true. I got proof!'"

The "New Slaves" MC later tackled another headline-grabbing quote from one of his many radio interviews where he likened being on tour to the job of a police officer or soldier. West said the comparison was warranted based on the "contribution" he's made to society through music naming some of his credits, and pointing out that he's Drake's biggest inspiration. "If you ever hear like a comparison to a soldier or police officer, what I'm saying is, I make a contribution to society and it should be respected as such."

Although West once admitted to being in the business of self-exploitation, the 36-year-old feels he shouldn't be "celebritized" and "villainized" for being outspoken. "What did I actually do to actually hurt someone? Or did I hurt someone by saying I love myself, and I love you guys too? It seems like the world is based off of people being taught not to think highly of themselves and by you not thinking highly of yourself you end up thinking less of other people. I believe in myself and I believe in the people around me." 

Asked why he even cares what anyone else thinks, West responded, "A rational man adjusts to the world, an irrational man wants the world to adjust to them. A lot of times I might do things that people feel are irrational or crazy … all crazy is, is you seeing it halfway into the movie, the credits haven't rolled yet. 

"To have an idea that no one else would say and scream it really loud, that's crazy. For you to have an idea and be successful at it, then that's genius," he said doubling back on his decade-worth of accomplishments. "With everything I'm saying, one of two things are going to happen, I'm gonna be right, or I'm gonna be wrong" he said. "Let's look at the past ten years, I seem to have been right."  

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Written by Latifah Muhammad


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