DJ Mister Cee Addresses Sex Scandals in GQ Magazine

DJ Mister Cee, GQ

DJ Mister Cee Addresses Sex Scandals in GQ Magazine

HOT 97 DJ explains soliciting sex, says Notorious B.I.G. would've understood.

Published January 22, 2014

(Photo: Courtesy of GQ Magazine)

By now much (if not all) of hip hop knows about DJ Mister Cee's sexual trysts with transgender women in New York City. He's been busted more than once for soliciting sex and initially denied his attraction to transgender prostitutes, but these days Cee is ready to be slightly more transparent.

In GQ magazine's "Love, Sex, and Madness" issue out next week, the Brooklyn-born spinner speaks on his sex scandals, how's he's coping and why slain friend Notorious B.I.G. would have understood his plight. 

For starters, Cee said he is "absolutely" not gay but admitted that he's started off paying for heterosexual sex. "I started tricking in the strip clubs," he shared. "I don’t know if you know what tricking is — you’re taking [the girls] out the club — literally right outside the club — and you're having sex with them."

Crossing over to transgender women (an act he refers to as "the other thing") began "around 2005 or 2006," he said, and similar to his Hot 97 interview last year, Cee never announced any particular sexual orientation. Getting oral sex from transgender women was more of a lateral move than a hidden desire. "The best way I can explain it is that I was so knee-deep into doing it that it became a part of me," said Cee. 

"It's also the rush of: Get horny, A and B – you know, one plus one equals two. You get horny, go out, go get your s--t off. It became a part of my routine. Even though I was fearful, there was a part of me that felt invincible, too."

After he was exposed again last year — this time from a drag queen who posted audio of their sexual run-in — the lauded New York City DJ turned to sleep and sugar as coping mechanisms. "I would buy two-liter Fanta Orange, two liter Sprite, two-liter root beer — and I live by myself — just guzzling them. That's how I was getting through my pain, f--king going to sleep and drinking soda. And I'm not even a soda drinker. I drunk so much soda to the point where my diabetes — my sugar level went so high, I started getting blind."

Today, Cee says he can't even "begin to try to be in a serious relationship" and is well aware that he could get caught paying for sex again. On a positive note, he has received love from his Hot 97 family and members of the rap world, and if Biggie were alive, he'd surely understand what Cee was going through. "Oh, I know that. I know Big stands next to me. I have no question in my mind," he said.

"You know who’s phony, you know who's hypocritical, you know who’s real," Cee added. "So not only do I feel like Big has my back, I feel like every person that I have ridden for in their afterlife — I think they got my back as well."

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(Photos: Courtesy of GQ Magazine)

Written by Latifah Muhammad


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