Angie Martinez Talks Releasing Her Unaired Tupac Interview

Tupac, Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez Talks Releasing Her Unaired Tupac Interview

Radio personality discusses dropping the two-hour chat on her new website.

Published February 12, 2014

To celebrate the launch of her new website, Angie Martinez is considering finally letting go of a never-been-heard-before Tupac interview.

"We're going to do a feature every Thursday," she told Sway Calloway about her team at The Angie Review. "It's like Throwback Thursdays ... 'cause I really have had amazing interviews."

The Tupac interview, she said, is one from one of the most tumultuous times in his life — just before his violent death — and is one of the ones her team has been prodding her to drop. "Everybody always asks me about the Tupac interview," she added.

"It was smack in the middle of what was going on, crazy, and I was 22 — maybe, if that — and it was my first big interview, and I flew to the West Coast by myself, didn't know him from nowhere, and I really just went there and interviewed him. And what I got was so crazy at the time, I couldn't air it on the radio because I was literally afraid that somebody would die, I literally thought that I would make a bad situation worse, when my intent was to try and smooth it out and make it better. But he was so angry and passionate at the time that I really felt that if I came and put it on the radio, it would have gotten worse."

Angie said she interviewed him for approximately two hours. "So what I did — I have the two hour interview, right? — what I did was, I aired five or ten minutes of it, the best pieces that I felt like wouldn't cause more problems, and that's all I ever aired, so technically I did this two-hour Tupac interview that's never been heard," she said.

"I feel like almost selfish because it's so amazing ... so yeah, it will probably be a feature on Throwback Thursdays."

As for other features on her site, she told Sway, "We're going to have all types of interviews. I'm going to interview you, and I'm gonna make you cry ... Come to me, Sway," she added, "because you do have many answers."

Angie will live stream the launch of on her site, Thursday (Feb. 13) at 3 p.m. is your #1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music.  

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