Troy Ave Exposed for Offensive Tweets

Troy Ave

Troy Ave Exposed for Offensive Tweets

Brooklyn rapper repeatedly asked Twitter followers to choose what's worse: a "gay son" or a "retarded son."

Published July 21, 2014

Troy Ave had some undying questions about sexuality and disabilities that he's been feverishly tweeting about for several years. 

As reported by Spin, the Brooklyn rapper tweeted on October 8, 2009, "Wats More Embarrassing having a 14yr. Old Visibly Gay Son Or a 14yr. Old mentally Retarded son." The next day he tweeted the same thing adding, "God 4give me but I jus wanna Kno?"

He didn't stop tweeting the very same "gay son" vs. "retarded son" scenario for three years, apart from throwing in a few variations like this 2011 tweet: "Man Drug Addiction is Wack! I don't know what's worst a gay son or a crackhead son. What ya'll think?"

Responding to one answer, he wrote, "u a chick that's y u saying Crack head. No male wants a Gay Son Tho."

The burning inquiry crept its way back into his timeline in January of the next year, for what looks like a Twitter pop quiz. "QUESTION #1 would you rather have a gay son or mildly retarded son?…QUESTION #2 what worse ya moms being a crack head or a h--?," he wrote.

Clearly not receiving the answers he wanted, in Nov. 2012, he tweeted yet again, "#IfYouHad2PickOneChild 1. Mildly Retarded Son | 2. A Gay Son | 3. Whore Daughter."

Troy is known for offensive and controversial tweets, and from the looks of it, he has calmed since this particular Twitter survey.  

It remains unclear why he was so preoccupied with the question to begin with. 

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(Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

Written by Latifah Muhammad


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